Light, photography and graphics create a peculiar bright atmosphere, thanks to the dissociated effect which is created by the overlap of the images, each printed on a different layer. Frame, electric parts and graphics: these are the elements which combine a Lolamp. The wooden frame has a structure which stretches out from the geometric and minimal edge. The graphics can be substituted after unthreading them from the structure. Lolamps are an idea by Claudia Conserva, artist, photographer, designer, curious mind; they are realised in Italy by a team of engineers, artisans and light designers.


Structure The structure of the frame is geometric, cubical and has the shape of a pinhole camera. The graphics have a direct printing and a paired printing on two polycarbonate sheets, which are then overlaid to create an almost 3D effect. The light source is a 3W led each (the frames handled with light paint have 2 led lamps, the dark paint ones have 3 led lamps). The electric part has a small current transformer which is inside the structure.

In progress

Lolamps are in constant evolution, thanks to the creative feedback from light designers, professionals, artists, artisans, from Italy or abroad. New processes, new materials for printing the graphics, new structures and materials for the frames.
A bit of history : the first examples of Lolamps were done in 2007. The first subject was pinhole self portraits which were coloured in post production.

Just ask

Are you interested to show our product in your showrooom, office, restaurant or in any other cool place? What do you think about having a customized Lolamp? We will love to do it for you!